Nordun is the Dwarven Empire. It is relatively new, only two hundred years old, and has gone through two other
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Nordun lies in the South.

empires: The Drudun Empire and The Red Empire.

Pre-Common Year HistoryEdit

Nordun is very mountainous and had inhabited dwarves before the Sahrot began their conquest. When the Sahrot arrived, they met fierce resistance, and never fully controlled Nordun. After three hundred years of occupation, the five dwarven kingdoms battled the Sahrot Army in a battle called the Battle of the Pointed Star. The Sahrot were destroyed, but the dwarves suffered heavy losses as well. The only surviving king was Oin Shieldbreaker, who then became High King of the Dwarves.

Common Year HistoryEdit

The Dwarves united their five kingdoms into a single empire called the Drudun Empire. This empire only lasted about two hundred years, as it fell when the capital city, Onikqethsegol, was destroyed by an army of Tieflings. The Tieflings then formed an empire called the Red Empire, which lasted for several hundred years. The Tieflings were cruel to their subjects, and many rebellions rose and failed. One dwarf however, named Thordin Battlescar, rose an army of over one hundred thousand dwarves, and marched his army to the capital. Only sixty thousand remained when they arrived, but they still fought the Tiefling Army, which was three times as large. Despite numbers, the dwarves had forged superior weapons and armor, and won the battle after four days. The Red Empire crumbled, and the dwarves forged a new empire called Nordun, placing Thordin as High King.


Nordun is extremely mountainous, with deep valleys in between. There are five regions in Nordun:

  • Dwiinspaan
  • Foklov
  • Golzgolt
  • Hahkunneahrkzahkriiie (hah-kun-ahrk-zah-kree)
  • Qethhaal


Nordun has five seperate regions each controlled by a Grand Duke. All Nordun's regions bow to the High King.